Life Stage 01

Infant, Young Children aged 0-5 years in the targeted communities grow in safe, secure and stimulating environment and achieve holistic age appropriate development milestones.

Life Stage 2

  • 1.Grade appropriate literacy , numeracy skills & Emotional Learning Centers s are achieved among grade 1 to 5 children in the TFCDF program areas.
  • 2. Improved education performance of children in grade 6 to 11 in TFCDF program areas.
  • 3. Children 6 to 14 years of age living in supportive and safe home environment
  • 4. Children ages 6-14 years of age living in safe, protective home, community and school environments

Life Stage 03

  • 1.Youth are empowered to engage in professions of their choice
  • 2. Youth Make choices for healthy reproductive life
  • 3. Youth are change agents in family and community

Disaster Risk Reduction

  • 1.Communities are well prepared for disaster response with ER actions led by youth.
  • 2.Communities has functioning ecosystem based youth led DRR action plans & resilient eco system.
  • 3.Vulnerable families adapts disaster resilient livelihood alternatives.
  • 4. Relevant stakeholders are effectively engaged in planning & execution od Eco DRR actions.

Child Protection

Ensure safe & protective enviornment for children who are in plantation sectors age of 0-18 and youth  through village child