Hi I'm Prathaban

Age - 06

Kushithvaran Prathaban was born with many complications. Kushith needs therapy to maintain his current health. Become a helping hand for Kusith by sponsoring him and providing him financial support so that he can receive required treatment on time to improve his condition.

Hi I'm Praveen

Age - 16

Praveen Anthonysamy Suffers from epilepsy since he was a baby and his condition has led to slow down his brain growth as well. He requires medical treatments to improve his current status. However, the economic status of his parents does not allow Praveen to regularly attend needed medical clinics.

Hi I'm Yogarani

Age - 11

Yogarani Anandajothi was born physically disabled and cannot walk or move by herself. Even though required therapies can help Yogarani to improve her condition, her parents cannot afford direct her to necessary clinics regularly.

Hi I'm Lakshalini

Age - 18

Lakshalini Perinbam has been diagnosed with epilepsy and cannot speak due to a lack of brain development. Her family is facing difficulties to afford medical expenses. Help lakshalini to cope with the difficulties of life by sponsoring the child

Hi I'm Sunanthika

Age - 10

Sunanthika Ragunathan is a 10-year-old girl living in Nuwara Eliya. She is mute and deaf by birth. Doctors have discussed the possibilities of helping Sunanthika hear again with the help of hearing aids. To continue with the process Sunanthika should be taken to the hospitals when required but her parents are not I financial status to afford her medical expenses. Join hands with t-field child development federation by sponsoring the child and be a part of making Sunanthika hear the world again!

Hi I'm Prajan

Age - 11

Prajan Muniyandi has a medical condition where one of his lungs is elevated from its normal position also, he has faced seizure attacks. Prajan could not been treated properly last two years because of the financial difficulties he and his family faced due to the pandemic. He is advised to receive treatments as soon as possible.