A Space for education, skill development and Protection – Child Resource Centers (CRCs) by T-Field CDF

Child Resource Centers (CRCs) by T-Field CDF– A Space for education, skill development and Protection

Our Child Resource Centers intends to provide children a protective space to continue their education, and develop their skills. We have established 11 CRCs in tea estate communities in Nuwara Eliya and 06 CRCs in Rural villages in Dambulla.

Our child resource centers are facilitated with computers, libraries (reading corners), aesthetic corners, study corners and play area for children.  In order to ensure the children in these communities do not miss our on modern learning means, we have also established a smart learning environment with computers, Internet, smart boards and smart projectors. Children are given an opportunity to access forefront technologies, online learning and virtual learning through our facilities at resource centers.

The covid – 19 pandemic and recent economic crises in Sri Lanka had the worst possible impact on education of children. Discontinuation of schools, fuel crisis, lockdown, continues holidays where a major reason for a huge draw back in Sri Lanka’s entire education system. We arranged online learning sessions during these times in our Child resource centers. children who live nearby our centers can come there for classes and were given access to use our facilities to study. Children come to our child resource centers in their leisure time to engage in productive activities such as reading, studying engaging in team works.

We also implement a community based supplementary education program through which children who are performing poorly in their school subjects receive individual support to catch up and perform better in their education.

Each resource center is assigned with a CRC facilitator who are responsible for maintenance of CRC and ensuring children’s active participation toward CRCs activities. 


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